Nonprofit Governance Models

Governance models for nonprofits provide the frameworks for a nonprofit’s decision-making and power distribution. They connect the board with the organization’s stakeholders and constituents and create the sense of empowerment, joint ownership and accountability. Unfortunately, the media often focuses on bad or ineffective board governance, and this shady spotlight can discourage potential volunteers from … Leer más

Streamline the Process of Closing Deals With Secure Collaborative Deal Management Software

Secure collaborative deal management software simplifies the entire process of negotiating an agreement. The robust communication tools such as built-in email features as well as in-app messaging capabilities allow clients and teams to speed up discussions, enhance productivity and increase production. Improved visibility into deal-related data lets businesses identify and resolve issues throughout the sales … Leer más

Financial Transactions and Reporting

A financial transaction is an event that involves two parties and has an immediate impact on their financial situation. The most likely scenario is that one party will alter the amount money on its accounts (assets or liabilities). The timing of financial transactions can differ depending on whether an entity follows cash or accrual accounting … Leer más

How to Solve Common Board Performance Problems

Board performance problems are common and usually stem from one of several key factors. This includes having the proper people on the board and creating a healthy and safe environment and ensuring that information is accessible, and conducting regular evaluations. It is essential to adopt the right approach in these areas to raise the level … Leer más

Why Secure Documents Storage?

Everyone is a keeper of important documents, including ID cards, passports, and bank records they wish to secure from danger. Businesses also need to store documents that contain sensitive or private information, such as contracts and financial records. These documents are safe from unauthorized use and theft when they’re digitized and stored securely. This safeguards … Leer más

IPO Preparation Checklist

Benjamin Franklin is credited with the old adage «By not being prepared for failure, you’re preparing to fail.» As private companies begin their IPO process, it’s a crucial moment that requires strategic planning and thorough preparation to ensure success. This complex and regulated procedure can be a challenge for any team. The IPO process involves … Leer más

How to Protect Confidential Documents for Boards

Board members are able to access sensitive information as part of their fiduciary responsibilities. This information must be kept private. If they’re discussing employees’ performance issues or discussing strategies for managing a competitor, it’s important that board members have the ability to discuss sensitive information without fear of it being released to the public. Boards … Leer más

Advantages of Online Meetings

Virtual meetings let employees be able to participate from anywhere – at home, at an office desk, or while on vacation. This flexibility in location increases the diversity of the workforce, making it more inclusive. It also allows people with physical limitations and illnesses to participate in meetings, which boosts overall productivity. Online meetings are … Leer más

Effective Board Meeting Preparation

Getting board meetings off an effective start is vital for productive discussions and decision-making. A well-structured agenda lets your board concentrate on relevant topics instead of routine updates or operational issues. Once your executive team has finalized the board meeting agenda, they should distribute it to the board chair and CEO to review it and … Leer más

How to Choose the Right Data Room Provider

Data room providers provide companies, interest groups, and corporations with an encrypted platform to store, upload and distribute data. The platform also allows due diligence and M&A transactions. Certain vendors provide consultation and administrative services to make sure that transactions go smoothly. Companies in the finance sector like investment banks, make use of virtual deal … Leer más

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